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Full digital colour, and each comes with a simple background. For more complex backgrounds or more characters, note me for a quote.

Edit: Also, thanks to all my new watchers! I haven't had time to visit people's pages like I usually do, but I really appreciate all you wonderful people's support :)
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Hey everyone!

If anyone has been wondering where I've been for the past... year?... rest assured, I haven't been kidnapped by a cult. Some of the time I've been busy doing freelance jobs. The rest of the time I've been working on some games for the iPhone :) I really like creating games, it makes me happy....

So here's my first game, Sound Garden! It's just a little fun thing that was originally created for my own amusement and blossomed into a larger thing...  

App store link!

You can check it out on the Moebius House website too,

So is anyone an iPhoner? We could really use a bit of support. Play it, love it, tell your friends! Or I kidnap your parents!

Many shiny arts coming soon, if I grit my teeth and finish them....
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  • Reading: Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne (Outlook: not good)
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Just a warning to anyone who likes my older art... during the next few days I'm going to be removing the majority of my older deviations (and storing them). If you want to save anything do it now!

Also, a huge thanks to my new watchers- you guys rock! Sorry that I haven't had the time to visit anyone's pages :(

I'll post some shiny new arts tomorrow... hopefully
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Hello Deviantart, you seem more green than usual. Or perhaps I am crazy.

I have started a new thing- a sketch uploaded every day, or as close as humanely possible. If anyone is interested it's here-

Also, I like cheese.
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  • Eating: Turkey, so much turkey.
My birthday it is.
Eating delicious cake.
See you next year guys.
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  • Eating: CAKE
Ever get that feeling like you want to delete your whole gallery and start over? .....yeah. But thanks to the kind words of AngelNemesis, zakniteh and Key-FeathersMLP, I'm updating today instead. You're awesome, guys.
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Sorry Deviantart, I haven't forgotten you. I know, I know, I never call, I never write...

In other news- Holy sweet mother of Xenu!! Is there any greater pleasure than having your favorite artist not only acknowledge, but like your art? [link] Johnen Vasquez is the bomb. (I tribute his work by trying not to copy it at all. He seems to be the most cloned artist on the net)

If it wasn't for my hungover and protesting stomach I would be in a land of euphoria right now. Nothing like day old alcohol to bring you down to earth. Rest assured, I'm as happy as a person can be while drinking only warm water and avoiding natural light.
This state of temporary delirium tremens has been brought to you by Office Christmas Party(tm). I don't recall doing anything embarassing but I did wake up with 30 feet of bugee cord, four pineapples and a policeman's hat. This seems to be traditional.

My thought processes have now ground to a halt. Shall post again when recharged (may be several months.) 

Remember kids- you can't have manslaughter without laughter!
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